Monday, February 2, 2009

The Good News with Mel and Greg

Good stuff from my former fellow yoga teacher training classmates Mel and Greg: a Charlotte-based radio broadcast with nothing but good news!

The Good News with Mel and Greg kicks off The Wilson Show on WBT 1110 AM every Saturday night at 9:00. It's about 15 minutes of nothing but great stuff, tips, and more, from two wonderfully witty and intelligent people. If that's not good news enough, there's more good news—thanks to the Internet, anyone anywhere in the world can listen to the live broadcasts, or a replay online.

So what are you waiting for? In these difficult economic times, we could all use some good news!
  1. Go to WBT's Podcast page and scroll down to the Wilson Show.
  2. Select your preferred listening method (Google Reader is supereasy).
  3. The Good News with Mel and Greg began on Januuary 24, 2009. So from then on, if you play the 9:00pm audio file for any Saturday, after the introductory reports and lead-in, you'll hear Mel and Greg's portion of the show.
A couple tips:
  • The initial show, on January 24, begins at about 6:26.
  • The January 31 show begins around 6:40.

PS: Mel is the same Melody White who penned By My Side: Parenting from a Higher Consciousness.